Point of Sale and Inventory Management.

Marijuana Retail and Production Management

Marijuana Software provides a simple, low cost, OMMA compliant, cannabis retail POS and Production Management system.

Its available in the cloud so it will work on most devices (IPad, Android, Windows, Apple, and Cellphones)

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New Smart Pricing Feature

7/8/2024 4:26:16 PM +00:00

We are excited to introduce Smart Pricing in the Marijuana Software POS system! With new features like Price Matching, Special Medical Pricing, and Price Tier Management, you can now offer competitive prices and special discounts effortlessly.

Happy Independance Day

7/4/2024 9:52:15 PM +00:00

Prices Slashed on Star Printers and Labels

5/30/2024 12:03:51 AM +00:00

  • Star Micronics TSP743II Label Printer was $695 now $622
  • OLCC/OMMA Compliance Labels (CASE) was $298 now $203
  • Star Micronics 1D/2D Barcode scanner was $195 now $175

Call (971) 276 - 3371 for purchasing

Honoring Our Heroes

5/27/2024 11:29:35 AM +00:00

Enhancing Compliance with Age Verification

5/18/2024 9:00:00 PM +00:00

Ensure your dispensary remains compliant and protected from Minor Decoy operations by utilizing our robust age verification system. This feature requires budtenders to input the customer's date of birth before beginning a sale, immediately notifying them if the customer is under 21 years old.

How to Enable Age Verification:

  1. Navigate to the Main Menu.
  2. Select Edit Account.
  3. Go to Budtender Settings.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Toggle Age Verification to "On".
  6. Click Save.

For any questions or assistance, please contact us at (971) 276-3371 or email support@marijuanasoftwarellc.com.

Ensure your business stays compliant and your customers are of legal age with our easy-to-use age verification system.

Thank you,

The Marijuana Software Team

Weedmaps Auto Sync

5/15/2024 4:55:51 PM +00:00

We are excited to announce that we have improved our Weedmaps integration with better support for pictures and brands and now with auto-sync activated to keep your Weedmaps menu seamlessly up-to-date.

Rajas Crazy 420 Sale

4/11/2024 3:33:33 PM +00:00

Call (971) 276 - 3371 or email raja@marijuanasoftwarellc.com for details. Sale end 5/1/24.

March 11 Update OMMA Check Needed for Sales

3/8/2024 4:20:22 PM +00:00

Big news coming your way! Starting March 11, 2024, we're adding a new step to make sure all your sales are good to go with OMMA rules. This means before you sell, we'll check to make sure your customer is all clear with OMMA. Why? Because there have been some hefty fines for sales to folks with outdated or wrong OMMA info, and we want to keep you safe from that.

But hey, we get it - one size doesn't fit all.

Want to skip this step? No problem! Just go to your account settings and uncheck the box that says "Enforce State Rules." This lets you decide how you want to run things.

Got questions or need a hand with any of this? Call us up at (971) 276 - 3371. We're here to help you out.

Thanks for sticking with us. Your happiness and success are what we're here for. We're always working to make our software better for you.

Catch you later,

The Marijuana Software Team

Quick Patient Checkin

2/15/2024 9:49:27 PM +00:00

Check in patients fast with ID SCAN

New Star MC Label Printer

2/12/2024 9:42:03 PM +00:00

New All-In-One Printer from Star Micronics

METRC Sales Day Reset Button

2/8/2024 9:45:00 PM +00:00

We created a new tool to rapidly reconcile your METRC sales.

Auto OMMA Verify

10/31/2023 3:22:54 PM +00:00

Automatically OMMA verify patients when you start a sale.

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